6 November 2017

Planning a Picture Wall

I've always loved the idea of having my own home, and filling it with personal touches and momentos. Including, but not limited to photo frames decorating the walls. Photos have always been a bit of a thing for me, people know that I bring a camera, I take photos and capture the memories we're making - so it just makes sense that I'd decorate my home with them. 

Something I've always wanted to do is create a couple of pictures walls in my home, but I've not been quite sure where to start or how to even do it. But with a new house comes new inspiration, and with decorating comes even more. We've recently decorated our lounge and dining room, and we love them. However, apart from our wallpapered featured wall in each room the walls look pretty bare. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start one of my photo walls. 

It's just the beginning, and it's nothing super special but I love it, and I can't wait to build on it. So how did I go about putting it together?

Step One: Choose a wall
Pretty obvious, yes, but you need to choose the right wall. As I said, ours were pretty bare so there were a few possibilities. But for me it was down to where people would see it most, where I would see it and enjoy it, but also where it wouldn't look over the top or imposing. I settled on a smaller wall, above our cuddler sofa and in direct eye line from the front door. It seemed like the perfect place to do my first photo wall as it restricted the space so it stops me going over the top, but it's big enough to fit some beautiful frames and photos in.

Step Two: Pick a theme
When I was looking on Pinterest, a favourite inspiration site, I saw a whole load of options, such as holidays, weddings, events or kids. I have so many photos from so many events or moments in our lives I didn't know how to choose just one. So, I decided to keep it pretty casual, I might do a wedding or holiday one somewhere else, but for this one I wanted to keep it casual and just have pictures of us with people we're close to. I also wanted to keep them pretty recent so kept them to photos taken in the last year.

Step Three: Pick my frames
So, logically I should have picked the photos first, but I had a pretty good idea of what pictures I wanted to use and who I wanted to feature so I knew where to start. I was 90% sure I wanted to frames to be different, mix and match and I didn't want metal frames. I wanted them to be a little bit different, so I headed to my local Homesense and had a browse. I picked up one bigger frame (4x6) to be the focal point and the middle picture. I wanted the middle one to be different to all the others in particular - all other frames would have to revolve around that one. This is the only one that looks like wood, all the others are cream painted. I then picked up another two 4x6 frames that are a bit more special, cream with gold accents, and then two square frames that match the same theme. My only error - getting frames without hooks on the back. A tip from me to you - always check your frames for hooks!

Step Four: Choose your layout
Again, probably a better idea to pick your layout before your frames but I went the other way. I knew the frames would be important so it was more important for me to choose the right frames and then create a layout based on those. Which is exactly what I did. This should be based on the size of your wall, and orientation, and also your frames. I played around with them for a while - the only way to find the perfect layout is to spend some time playing around with the frames and seeing what looks and feels right. I love how mine ended up - symmetrical but upside down, so it's not too put together but still thought about. 

And there we have it! Obviously you need to choose your photos as well, but I feel like this would come with your theme. I settled on an image of me and Adam in the middle, and then a couple of family pictures and ones with our friends. I wanted them to be fun, not too serious, just like us. This is just the start of it, I plan to add more frames and grow it over time, but for now I like it as a start.

Much love, Lisa May x


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