29 September 2012

Wishlist | Skin Care

Alpha H Liquid Gold  |  Origins Spot Remover Pads  |  Caudalie Beauty Elixir  |  Origins Modern Friction  |  La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo  |  Origins VitaZing

I did a skin care wishlist not so long ago (here) and to be honest, there are a couple of the same products on here as there are on there. However, I'm still searching for the perfect product! This is my last wishlist for a while I promise... I know there has been a bit of an overload lately so I'm sorry!

Alpha H Liquid Gold £31
I think next time I get paid I'm just going to have to bit the bullet and get this. I keep hearing such incredible things about it and my skin has been awful recently. It may just have to be one of those investments that saves my skin and my self esteem!

Origins Spot Remover Pads £22 for 60 pads
I have the spot remover gel, which is okay - nothing special (for me anyway) so it would be interesting to try these out as these aren't for targeted areas, it's for the general expanse of your face - which is what I desperately need!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir £28.80 for 100ml
It's like the Mac Fix+... I'm not entierly sure what it does, I just know it's meant to be amazing! It's a large price tag for something you aren't sure you need, or you aren't even sure what it does though. This may have to go on the birthday list!

Origins Modern Friction £31 for 125ml
I've never really used an exfoliator on my face before, but this is meant to be amazing. It would have to be for the price to be fair... I've seen a couple of blogs that swear by this stuff so I would love to give it a go - maybe Origins do a gift set!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo £13 for 40ml
I'm blaming Kat and her stella review for this one. My skin has been awful lately, and I know Kat was moaning hers was too and this really helped, and for quite a good price tag I'm ridiculously tempted to try it. You can get it in my Boots as well so. Off I go...

Origins VitaZing £27
I've been after a day time moisturiser as I find the ones I use a bit too heavy to wear under my foundation and it just adds to the oil. I've seen people rave about this as their day time moisturiser so I would love to try it out and it's definitely on my "to buy" list, as opposed to my "wishlist".

This is quite a pricey wishlist. Goodbye money - well, only if I purchase bits and bobs! I seem to find if something stays on your wishlist for a couple months, it should move over to your shopping list!

Do you love any of these? Fancy sending me your reviews?

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  1. I've got the beauty elixir and while I like the smell and find it pleasant to use, I can't say that it really does much. In terms of the exfoliation, I find them to all be pretty much the same, so personally I'd save the Pennies on that. Really want the liquid gold though and am also intrigued by the spot removing.g pads, having seen them everywhere of late.
    Mel x


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