8 August 2012

The Review | 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Belle

I have a serious lipstick problem. It's getting a tad out of hand. I went and bought ANOTHER one. Opps. Luckily this is on the cheaper side, a bargain at under £5. I saw this product on Kat's blog a little while a go and I've been thinking about giving it go.
I decided to give Belle a go - mainly just because I love the name, but also because I fell in love with the colour. It's a natural deep pink and looks so natural when it's applied on my lips.
It has the normal lipstick feel to it and it glides on so easily. I'm more than comfortable popping it on without a mirror which is handy and my lips feel moisturized when it's on.
It's not the longest lasting lipstick. About 45 minutes and the feeling has gone, about 2 hours in and so has the colour.
It's a perfect everyday drugstore lipstick. I would recommend and am looking forward to picking up another shade. I think I have a new addiction.

I would like to apologize about my awful complexion in this photo. I did think about a little airbrushing but I think it's so important for your readers to see you exactly as you are. So here you go you lucky things you.

This lipstick is available from Boots for a lovely £4.59

Have you tried 17 lipsticks? Any shades you'd recommend?


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