6 August 2012

Life Through a Lens #3 Olympic Special

This weeks Life Through a Lens is an Olympic Special! I was lucky enough to go to the Olympics on Saturday with my parents and little brother (big brother was unfortunately working and was missed!). Because of this I thought I'd do two sets of life photos - the first specifically my day at the park and secondly life from the past week :)

stadium at night  |  with parents in front of the stadium  |  Phelps coming out  |  desert
me & mum at the aquatics centre  |  lunch  |  all of us in front of stadium  |  aquatics centre
phelps last race  |  orbit  |  team GB  |  aquatics sign
hiding the lil bro  |  champagne  |  with mum  |  stadium

new lipstick  |  last ever picture of Stan  |  flags  |  treat
Dougal  |  best pudding ever  |  new dress  |  bathroom redesign
fishtail plait  |  blogging  |  yum yum   |  tickets
best ring ever  |  another treat  |  soggy puppy  |  olympic pjs!

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. As you all probably know we had a loss in our family, which I'm still struggling with, but I had such an incredible weekend as well. So definitely a mix. 
Nothing really interesting happened during the week last week if I'm honest - just the usual stuff! I got very excited when Lisa from BINTM tweeted me, she is my favourite atm but I think I'm slightly biased seeing as we share a name... We have had the plumbers and bathroom fitters in doing our main bathroom. We now have a spa bath which is nice! Will show you a pic when it's all done. Thing is both me and my parents have en suites, and neither of my brothers live at home anymore who shared the bathroom, so will stay very clean and new I think!

Arthur went swimming for the first time! Well, when Mum took him down he ran away from the waves - they are very scary after all! But Dad took him in at the weekend and made him swim with his harness, he didn't seem to mind too much I think!

On Saturday we went to the Olympics to see the last evening of the swimming and Michael Phelps LAST EVER olympic race - was incredible! Was such a lovely family day out and a great experience. Want to go back again! 

This week I'm a tad busy! I have a Body Shop party tonight, and then I am off to Brighton on Saturday for dog racing with the boy and his parents, and Sunday I'm off to a charity dog walk! Fun fun!

How was your week? Have any of you been lucky enough to go to the Olympics as well?


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