2 August 2012

Little Sailor Dress

dress: dorothy perkins (sale)  |  wedges: river island  |  belt: H&M  |  necklace: can't remember!  |  bangles: accessorize  |  earrings: Superdrug

This is my cute little sailor dress from the Dorothy Perkins sale. I went in a couple of Saturdays ago, saw it and thought nah, I don't need it. Then I went in again on Tuesday to buy it and it had gone from to £10!! So bargain! So happy I didn't purchase last Saturday.

Everyone who knows me knows this is my kind dress. Navy, tick! Clinched in waist, tick! It's just a me dress from top to toe. With a teeny difference, the cute little collar. I'm not usually a collar person, but this is adorable. It's so subtle as it's the same print as the dress but just adds that little something extra to the dress. I popped a cute little butterfly necklace underneath the colour to break the pattern up slightly. So sorry but I can't remember where the necklace is from - it's yonks old!

As you can see as well, we have recently bought a paddling pool for Arthur. Unfortunately he is a tad scared of it. I am working on that through methods such as holding him in and splashing, throwing water at him, throwing all his toys in there - which was quite funny as he got very stroppy as he wouldn't go in and get them! Tad mean maybe, but we're getting there! He will actually walk through it now!
I'm more than happy with this paddling pool, especially with the weather we were having last week - so refreshing and a bit of fun! I do look a bit too happy standing in there - CHEESE!

I think I need to find a new photographer. The boy seems to be getting a bit fed up and not as enthusiastic about it as he used to be. Which is sad ... This is where I wish I had a tripod, a remote and an SLR. One day!

Have you got any bargains from the sales yet? Anyone know of any cheap SLR's being sold?


  1. That little paddling pool looks so much fun!

  2. gorgeous dress. but i love ur happy photos :)


  3. this dress is absolutely gorgeous, i love how subtle the collar is :D the paddling pool looks like so much fun, hehe! i really need a tripod too, one day! xo


  4. cute dress and I really love the butterflies:)
    Looking forward to tomorrows post;)
    xx Kate



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