5 August 2012

Purple Haze

top: H&M  |  jeans: topshop  |  shoes: accessorize  |  bangle: accessorize  |  GB band: Links of London

Bit of a different style of pictures for me. Well, kinda. Usual outside photo shots, but all landscape for today. I've become a bit meh about my blog lately. Not so much the content, but just the general look and feel. But I've been the same with my wardrobe lately as well so maybe it's just me.

These are my newest Topshop Leigh jeans in a gorgeous deep plum colour. I love Leigh jeans. They hug everything so nicely and yet are so comfortable. A tab pricey at £38 each but I've given myself permission to buy one pair per payday. These are a tad long but they don't tend to them them shorter for my waist which is a pain.

This top is also a newbie, this time from H&M. I spotted in their catalogue and loved it, so when I went up to Cardiff I sent Hanah and myself a mission for finding it. Find it we did, and purchase it I did. I like it cause it's different for me in terms of colour and style. I'm not a huge sequin fan so I took a chance. I like that it's baggy, however both me and the boy have complained of its scratchiness! I think it could be dressed up as well as down. I've already worn it to work with a pair of black trousers and blazer and dressed down like this as well.

I like this little outfit. It's a nice little weekend/shopping outfit and I can't wait for my next pair of Leigh jeans!

What colour Leigh jeans do you have? Which would you recommend?



  1. love the leigh jeans, and now that you showed them to me in this color I think I need to buy those, have been wanting purple jeans for so long!!:)
    xx Kate


  2. I would never think to buy purple jeans but these look amazing! Good for going into autumn too x


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