4 August 2012

Nailene Nails & Tabs

I'm not usually a fake nail kinda girl if I'm honest. Mainly because I like to nibble them and I can't really nibble plastic! When I was sent these to try however I thought I'd give them a go and I promised not to nibble!

Firstly I like the look of them. I wish I could do a french manicure on myself so these instantly appealed to me. Once applied they didn't look too fake, up close you could tell but I think that was more my inexperience in applying them than the actual product. I think it may also be because I didn't have the patience to file each down as I'm a lazy what-name.

Most of the nails provided were a really good match for my nail size. I did have to file the thumb nails down quite a lot, just because they were too long for me. After I applied them they were still too long as it took me about half an hour to file to two thumb nails - this could just be though that I'm quite inexperienced with this and impatient!

Once you have you desired length you use the adhesive tabs. You just feel it off the backing paper, stick on the nail and then peel off the top layer - a little like double sided tape. I would love to say they were easy to use but if I'm honest I struggled. The adhesive stuck to absolutely everything and I did end up having to throw a couple away as they got ruined. Once on the nail however it's so easy to apply the nail.
You just pop the nail on top, hold for a couple of seconds and done! Easy peasy.

The nails themselves lasted quite well. It took me a little while to get used to them and I was there at work typing very slowly! I took them off myself after around four days just because they weren't practical for work, but they hadn't showed any signs of coming off. One had but that's only because of Arthur the little rascal - so I can say they aren't puppy proof!

All in all I was quite impressed with these. For someone who isn't really into their fake nails this product has swayed me slightly. They lasted well and probably longer if I hadn't of taken them off. I was also sent a red pair, which if I'm honest aren't quite to my taste as much as the french manicure set which I loved, but I'll be sure to give them a go when the occasion suits. I think they'll be for more of a fancy affair.

Have you tried the adhesive pads? What did you think?


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