22 May 2012

Liz Earle Love Letter

Be prepared for a little bit of a love letter with this post. I'm sure you've seen many many fantastic posts about Liz Earle and one of these particular products... But I love it so much I just have to share my thoughts with you lovely people!

You guessed it, it is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser which was very kindly sent through with a free sample of Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic.
I was so excited to try both of these and they came in their own little Liz Earle bag, all wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper. I'd recommend it just for its presentation...
I have been holding off on reviewing this to see how it actually works as usually skin products take a little while to actually do anything on my skin. I've been using both for just over a month now and this is what I thought :)

I got the 100ml pump starter kit for £14.25. I got the pump over the as a) it was cheaper and b) it was recommended to be by jemimaandted that the pump lets out just enough cleanser to cover your face so no chance of wastage. It came with two muslin clothes as well which was very handy and thoughtful of Liz :)

Ok so you pump once onto your hand and massage it gently into your skin over your eyes, face and neck. Then using the muslin cloth, rinse it in hand-hot water, wring out and then polish off the cream with the cloth. Finish by splashing your face with cold water.

I love the smell of this product, it's the first element of it that I feel in love with. It's just so pure and fresh and just smells chamomile which I love. It's so easy to apply and comes off really easily. It removes make up as well. It recommends you use in morning and evening, however I have just been using it before I go to bed. Once you splash your face with water and dry my face just looks so much clearer already and has literally NEVER felt so soft. I just feel cleaner.

Mine is a mini 50ml sample size which came free with my above purchase (usually £5.25) but you can buy larger sizes and you can also purchase this as a spritz.
Now, I had never used a toner before and had no idea what it was meant to do other then tone (duh Lisa!). This product is meant to refresh, sooth and brighten your skin and I can assure you, it does all three.
You pop a small amount onto a cotton pad and sweep it over your face after using Cleanse & Polish (alternatively spritz onto face and body if you have the spritz). Again, I usually only use it at night as I have found it's quite hard to pop make up over the top of it.

Overall I have fallen so in love with these products. My skin looks so much clearer and brighter and smells fantastic after use. I just get into bed and sniff and hmmm yummy!
I accidentally stopped using this for a few days (bad Lisa) as I just got a bit lazy and tired and my skin really did suffer as a result, it really does make a huge difference. As soon as I started back up again it was bye bye oily skin, clean skin!

I would definitely recommend these products, even with the price tag as it really is worth it and it lasts for ages. I really cannot wait to try other products from this brand!

What Liz Earle products do you love?

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