25 May 2012

His Favourite

The boy decided to be a gentleman and take me out for dinner on Wednesday night, so I thought as a 'thank you' I would wear his favourite dress of mine...

dress H&M (old)
wedges TOPSHOP (old)
bag NEW LOOK (old)
ring PIA (old)
bangle MUM MADE

Firstly I would like to apologise for the dress as it CLEARLY needs ironing, however the boy was rushing me as he was hungry so I didnt have time to iron it after it's been all creased in my wardrobe.
Bad blogger.

I have this dress in this pattern and another one which I am sure I'll be posting about at some point this summer.
If I remember correctly it was about £15 (?). It's so comfy and really easy to just relax in or dress up as you can see here. My only thing about it - when you stand directly in the sun you can see through it, not completely, just the outlines - but still!

The ring I don't think I have shown you all before... It was a present from the boy on our 2 year anniversary (we are over 4 years now...) and I really love it. It's blue topaz which is my birthstone (and blog name!)
Unfortunately it is all cracked at the back so I can't wear it as much as I used to.

These sunglasses are one of my newest finds... My lovely Mummy bought them for me when we had a little girly shopping trip. I have been after a pair of wayfarers for SO long but found none that suited - until now, so my Mummy treated me and I haven't stopped wearing them since :) They have turned into my summer must-have!

What's your boys favourite outfit? Have you found your summer must-have yet?


  1. That ring is just gorgeous! You look lovely x

  2. Cute maxi dress.. Sounds like a perfect day too :)

  3. I'd like to point out that I'm always a gentleman and you look/looked amazing....


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