28 May 2012

Herbalife NouriFusion Multi Vitamin Cleanser

As recently posted here I have fallen for Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, but when I was give the opportunity to try something else I thought why not!

I was sent the normal to oily version of this product, which is perfect for me as I can get quite oily skin. This one is a foaming gel contains tea tree and eucalyptus oil. There is a normal to dry version as well which is more of a cleansing lotion and contains olive oil, sweet almond and jojoba.

This has a gel-like consistency, which is clear, and you put onto your skin, like you would any cleanser and rub in - this is where it turns more into its foam.
It has a really clean smell, very fresh which is really nice and really goes with the natural elements to the product.

You then remove the cleanser as usual. It removed all my make up, not so much my eye make up but if I'm honest I'm very wary about putting cleansers over my eyes.

I think this was a little bit harsh for my skin, just because it seemed to dry it out, but then the normal to dry might be a little less harsh for me.

It is a really nice product... If you are interested in organic, all natural products I would recommend looking into the brand.

And I think Arthur likes the packaging...
Don't worry.... No products were tested on Arthur!

Have you tried Herbalife yet?

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