14 May 2012

Topshop Kohl Eye Pencil

I am a creature of habit, so when I find a beauty product that I really love, and I mean REALLY love, I don't tend to stray from it.
For example, my usual eye pencil is from Chanel, and it works miracles - my only fault with it is the cost. So I have been looking for something just as amazing with half the price tag (cause I obviously wish for the mood).
 As so many bloggers have been raving about Topshop make up I thought I'd give it a go!

It's very easy to use, it glides on smoothly and it's really soft as well. You can either create just a thin line top and bottom of do a little shading like above. I usually find that my Chanel pencil makes it hard to do this shading so this was really nice to discover.

I love the design, the spots have become so symbolic for Topshop make up, my only gripe with the design is I keep trying to put the lip on the end of the pencil when I use it, but it doesn't go on the end. Slightly petty but I keep trying to do it haha!
The colour really does last all day, it doesn't fade at all and if you don't touch it, it doesn't smudge - however if you do touch it I found it smudges really easily, which is something my Chanel pencil doesn't do.
Having said that, since trying it with primer underneath it doesn't smudge nearly as much so think I've found the solution there!
Also, PLEASE remember to take it off before bed or you'll wake up with black all over your nose the next morning like I did... 

All in all I'm really pleased with this product. It's not quite replaced my Chanel as yet but I have been using it more and more so who knows!

Have you tried Topshop make up yet? What do you recommend?


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  1. Ooh I want to try this now :-) I'm on the hunt for a new khol pencil...



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