18 May 2012

The Perfect Accessory

You may have seen my very first Wednesday Wishlist (here) featured items from Vero Moda that I was coveting.. When I then went to buy a few of their products next pay day I was devastated to find most were now sold out - except this little beauty :)

shoes NEW LOOK
necklace LOLA ROSE

I love this skirt, it has a really subtle waterfall effect (so subtle you can't really see it in these photos) but it is there I promise! It's really flattering and I love high waist bottoms as they nip in at my waist and make me look like I have slim one.
This is probably my favourite top. I LOVE the colour and the pattern and just the general style of it. It's so flattering and can either be dressed up for a night out or down with some jeans.
These are my goooorgeous new New Look boots. I have been after some lace up boots like this forever and I originally wanted these for work - but as you can see they are incredibly high and I can't quite see myself walking to work in these... can you say broken ankle and blistered balls of feet? 
My chosen necklace? You guessed it.. Lola Rose. I'm a navy lover and this was my first Lola Rose necklace and one of my faves :)

Now... I would like to introduce: the PERFECT accessory...

Everyone meet my GORGEOUS 8 week old cockapoo puppy, Arthur :) he is adorable and very naughty but I still love him so :)

I dare you to find a better accessory....



  1. I had a stuffed animal like your puppy long ago. Arthur makes a much better accessory though...and not just because he looks like he's made of pure chocolate. ;)
    Lovely post!

  2. those shoes are amazing!! and wow the pup is so adorable!


  3. Love your outfit, and your dog is adorable!

    Valentina de Pertis


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