15 May 2012

Ways to Waterfall

It seems my sending has gotten a bit out of hand lately! However, I will defend buying this next item until the end of time because I have fallen completely in love with it.
You know one of those dresses that you put on in the changing room and just sigh and think "O crap now I have to buy it..." Well, this is that dress.

Dress New Look
Shoes New Look (Andra's Wardrobe)
Necklace Lola Rose
Bracelet Lola Rose

I have completely bought into the waterfall trend. I think its just a ladylike trend and it's just so pretty! I love the colours in this dress, they are really bring and help to brighten up the black. It comes in at the waist (which I'm a bit fan of) and skims over your bum and legs.

The top of the dress is actually see-through so you do have to wear a black vest underneath (unless you're braver then me and want to expose your underwear!), it does have a slip under the skirt... but not a very long one!
I wore this beauty to my Pappy's 80th Birthday party (that's Granddad or Grandpa to normal people) and I got so many compliments for it :) It's definitely become a staple in my wardrobe for the summer.
This dress is actually in their sale now for £11! So I'd snap it up while you can here

The jewellery (you've probably predicted) is from my trusty Lola Rose collection. I LOVE the colour of these bits, so summery and they go perfectly with this dress. The nails as Estee Lauder in Teal Topaz to match the jewellery with a varnish from my Mum's magic colouring box! (Become one of my fave shades for the summer... If it ever arrives!)

The shoes I stole from Andra's wardrobe (again) and were SO comfortable, the balls of my feet didn't even hurt by the end of the night - which is saying something as there was a disco with classics such as 5,6,7,8 and Saturday Night! You can't get them in this colour anymore but take a look here for the colours you can get :)

Have you tried a waterfall outfit yet?


  1. Love this dress, looks great on you! I really need one like this in my life!x

    1. Aww thanks :) def a fave! and go for it! Waterfall is everywhere atm! x

  2. Good choice on buying that dress, I say that about so many things I would be broke if I made all the purchases. Very pretty color of jewelry. I'm having a You Choose dress giveaway on my blog and would love for you to pass by and enter!


    1. Have done :) thanks for the comment and visiting the blog! x

  3. this is beautiful on you! i have one waterfall dress but am yet to wear it. and the jewellery is gorgeous. Im a huge lola rose fan, they have such amazing stuff. lvoely blog. now following, hope you'll pop over and say hi!


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