30 May 2012

Raspberrygrape Vintage Ring

Since my favourite ring that used to live on my middle finger has basically died a horrible death, I have become more and more into costume jewellery rings. Especially vintage looking ones.
So when Raspberrygrape.com asked me to review one of their pieces I jumped at the chance to nab one of their turquoise vintage rings.

Vintage Style Turquoise Ring* 

It came all lovingly packaged in tissue paper and a little card thanking me for my interest, which I through was such a nice touch and showed Lauren (raspberrygrape) really took the time with it and cared about it.

I love the shape of this ring, it's just so girly! And I do love girly... I also love the colour of the stone. It just goes with SO much including my lovely creamy dresses (which I seem have an abundance of...)

I also love the fact that it isn't too big as I'm just getting back into my ring fetish...

Unfortunately it was broken when it came in the post :( the back was apart from the front, I managed to slot it together for these photos but it now needs to be super glued - obviously not raspberrygrape fault... Definitely the post mans fault!

Raspberrygrape is a tiny company with some really cute, gorgeous pieces. It is rather unique and Lauren has some really equilectic collection. I desperately want to buy myself a bracelet with my name spelled on it... And it doesn't cost a fortune! It is so reasonable. I would definitely recommend them - just make sure your postie is a jewellery lover as well though!

What do you love from Raspberrygrape?


  1. I checked out the site and my favourite's are the hand finger harness, the feather earrings and the cuff chain earring! Thanks for introducing me to such a great site haha! I love your blog by the way :)


    1. Her stuff is amazing :) and you're very welcome!

      Aww thanks that means a lot :) will head on over to yours now and take a peek :)


  2. Wonderful website, great design and interesting content.

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  4. A stunning piece of jewellery you have there! The colour Blue is truly classy! :)


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