9 May 2012

Green and Gold

I love Accessorize - what girl doesn't? So it is ridiculously dangerous for me to work in a town centre which has an Accessorize in it...
However, I'm very proud of myself and today (3 months in...) was the first day I purchased myself something and I LOVE my pieces.

I've been eyeing both pieces up for a couple of months now and I decided to treat myself as I was so tired from my beautiful puppy waking me up at 6am every morning...

Firstly - sorry for the awful quality of the first image, didn't realise it was that bad until I popped it into photoshop and by then all natural light was gone :(

Anywho, onto product...

I couldn't find the earrings on the website (sorry folks!) but I can tell you they are £6 and absolutely gorgeous. My friend Andra has got me addicted to big earrings so these were absolutely perfect to go with this necklace, or just to dress up a black outfit.

I have literally picked up this necklace so many times to go and purchase it and kept putting it back thinking "no I don't need it..." but yes, yes I DO! It was £10 and you can find it here on their website. 

I just love the contrast of the gold and the green, this green is my favourite kinda stone on jewellery and I have so many different pieces that'll match it. I also find it's a great colour to use with navy and also white for a Spring/Summer look (if we ever get our Spring or Summer here in the UK!).

Have you got anything from Accessorize lately?

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  1. these are really pretty, I love the turquoise and gold combo xx



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