31 May 2012

Arthurs Antics #1

As everyone already knows, I have recently got a puppy :) well, my family has recently got a puppy.
Everyone has shown him SO much love and keeps asking about him so I thought I'd start a weekly post about what Arthur has been getting up to in the past week...

So here is the birth of:

So called because he is the naughtiest puppy in the world - that gets away with everything because he is gorgeous.

Here is just a lil background on Arthur and how we came to have him...

Until Christmas Eve my family had the BEST dog ever to exist, Annie, a lovely Golden Retriever. She was unforunately put down at the impressive age of 14 on Christmas Eve. Was basically heartbreaking and a horrible horrible time for my family. It is still hard and we all still really miss her.

We had always said that we would never have another dog after her as we'd never get so lucky, however after about a month we realised we really missed having a dog so decided we'd look into getting another.

My lovely friend Andra has a Cockapoo (same breed as Arthur) called Daisy who is gorgeous - she is a lovely apricot colour and is just lovely. I asked Andra to bring her round one day and my Dad basically fell in love with her nature and how she looked - so we investigated Cockapoos...

And voila - here comes Arthur :) we decided on a boy and having a chocolate puppy as we needed something that was the complete opposite to Annie.

He is now just over 10 weeks, and we've had him for over 3 of those weeks now. His favourite games include savage the humans, eat Will's old manky trainers and chase and chew Lisa's PJ ties...

He is gorgeous and loves nothing better then to curl up in your lap and savage something... He loves playing with the hoover, but is scared of the watering can... Go figure.

Here is some of the images of Arthur's life with us since we first met...

1. our first cuddle 2. his first day with us 3. liking the cat tunnel
4. love my cow toy 5. loving his new home 6. mummy's show is yummy
7. meeting his 'niece' Willow 8. too hot for puppy and his round belly 9. loving his new stick

I will have more news with Arthur every week so stay tuned! He will also show on some other posts giving his little views on products!
He should hopefully soon be meeting Daisy, who is his bethrothed, and will be going out on his first walk in a couple of weeks eek!

What do you think of Arthur? What antics would you like to see him get up to?



  1. Arthur is SO cute! My friend has a black cockapoo and she's the sweetest dog ever. So gentle and well mannered :)

    Enter to win a clutch!


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