3 May 2012

Butterfly Fly Away

Ever since I bought my first pair of Topshop's Supersoft jeans I have been wanting another pair, lots and lots of pairs!
So when I got paid I thought RIGHT, new jeans! My other black jeans are a tad on the tight side these days so I thought I'd be practical and grab me some new black ones :)

Teamed with a casual top it made the perfect outfit for a casual dinner out with the boyf

Top H&M
Jeans Topshop
Necklace Boutique in Portugal
Bangle Made by Mum

Love this top from H&M, definite impulse buy and it's so comfy and girly! You can dress it up and down so it's the perfect wardrobe item. Plus it has butterflies on it, and anyone who knows me knows I love my butterflies...
My necklace I love, I got it from a little tent at a sand exhibition for about 5 euros, its really silver and I adore it. Best bargain buy ever!
My lovely little heart bangle was made by my lovely Mummy. She did a silver jewellery making course at college in the Autumn and made us one each. It's very simple, very cute and goes with everything.
And of course my trusty Links charm bracelet :) (review to come on this)

Love this little outfit, so simple, so cute.

What's your new go-to outfit?

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  1. I haven't got one yet though I'm just entering a new size down so it's hard to stay put but I'm finished my slimming world (nearly) so I'll be at one size long enough now to have a go-to!
    Top is very very cute!


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