28 March 2016

Style | Collar-Style Necklaces

Up until a few months ago I was stricktly a long necklace kinda gal. I have a few silver necklaces that mean something to me so I always tended to wear those non stop and just add a long necklace to accessorize. However, a lot of what I wear now is high necked and therefore needs something that little bit extra.

Especially at work I tend to dress quite conservatively - you'll usually find me in a dress, tights and cardigan combo. At home, it'll either be a more casual dress combo, or jeans and t-shirt kinda styling. Therefore my style has evolved into needed something a little extra to make it pop and a bit more interesting. Enter the collar style necklaces. 

I have quite a few of these now, but these are just some of my favourites. This black chunky style from Accessorize goes with absolutely everything and is probably my most worn. Monochrome outfits it adds a little something extra, and girly floral numbers it helps to toughen up. This orange style, also from Accessorize, is perfect at adding a pop of colour - and the orange is perfect for monochrome and blue outfits to just add a little something to, and brighten it up. The yellow spikey number from Topshop is exactly the same, and it's small enough to wear by itself with something a little bit more low cut. It just toughens things up when needed. The rest go with specific types of outfits, or specific pieces but I love them. Here are some of my top tips for wearing these styles through:

If you're outfit is simple, then your necklace can afford to be more showy, colourful or patterned. However, if your outfit is patterned then keep the colour necklace a single colour and style to make sure it stands out.

This type of necklace is definitely a statement piece. Therefore don't take the attention away from it with other accessories like masses of bangles or huge dangly earrings. Make it all about that necklace.

These do tend to go better with a high neck piece of clothing as a backdrop - especially the larger items. However, the smaller pieces you can get away with wearing with a lower neck - just make sure it doesn't tangle or get lost. 

What's your tips to styling a statement collar necklace?
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