15 July 2012

eye CANDY London Magnetic Wave Nail Lacquers

eye CANDY London Magnetic Wave Nail Lacquers*

I reviewed Barry M's very cool magnetic nail varnish a little while ago here and loved the effect it had on my nails and the compliments I got from people wondering how I did it. This nail varnish is very similar however all colours have the same pattern. I got to try out the Artic colour as seen above. The way it works is that the polish contains tiny metallic micro mineral and iron particles. All you have to do is paint your nails then hold the magnet in the lid directly above the nail and instantly this fantastic pattern occurs. Teamed with this colour it reminds me of those metal plate things that you probably recognise from the pattern itself. 
I love how this works, it's so easy to use and I love the colour. It also comes in two other colours, Bourdeaux (a deep metallic red) and Expresso (metallic coffee colour) and I'm curious to see how these look.

You can get this brand from from Sainsbury's everywhere and this will set you back £10. Quite a difference to Barry M's which is half the price and I think the quality is around the same if I'm honest. I do love the product, the price puts me off slightly but I think I'd go for it as a pay day treat.

Have you tried eye CANDY nail varnish at all?



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