11 July 2012

GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen


GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens in Purple, Brown, Blue and Dark Green*

I'm always on the search for a perfect eye liner. I could never find the one that was easy to use as well as giving me the coverage needed while maintaning its intensity for a prolonged period. I feel I may now have found it. 
I found these pens quite funny at first, they are literally exactly like a felt tip pen and the urge to grab a colouring book and go was almost overwhelming.. But alas no, I must be a grown up. So instead I put it to the test and used it on my eyes and also my hands as you can see.
For starters I think the colours are gorgeous, especially the blue (you know how I love my blue). I tested all of these on my eyes and I have to say - easiest eye liner I have ever used, hands down. I can't use it on the bottom of my eye but I can always use my own pencil for that. On the top I can create any kind of line that I wish which I've not been able to do before with ease. Not only that but both my eyes look the same after they've been done, which is another first - yay! This makes for a happy Lisa. It's advertised as not budging or smudging - and it's not wrong. Once dry and I can rub my eyes til sky turns blue and it doesn't smudge. But it comes off easily with eye make up remover, yay!

I use the brown eyeliner on a daily basis now, it's become my go to eyeliner, day and night I think it's just perfect. I like the fact that it's brown as it's not as harsh as your usual black and I'm not a harsh make up person. I would definitely recommend these beauties. Aside from these colours you can also get them in black and grey, am quite tempted to try out the grey. You can get these exclusively from Superdrug stores for £6.49, which I think is definitely a great price for a product that's as good as this. I have no problem paying for this at all. I've not used any of GOSH's products before, but I am definitely going to check them out now. Would love recommendations from people please :)

Have you used GOSH before? What products would you recommend?


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  1. Love it hun, I just bought the black one a few days ago, and I love that it goes on like a felt pen, but I think it is lacking some intensity:)
    xx Kate



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