4 July 2012

Harrods Wishlist

Having recently been in London with the girls, it bought back memories of the last time I was in London with my parents and we had lunch in Harrods. It was the weekend before my 21st birthday and we'd been shopping for my present - my first pair of Jimmy Choo's which will one day appear on the site.
For now though, I thought I'd show you some of my Harrod's wishlist with three of my favourite brands...

1. Lulu Guinness Glitter Lips Clutch £245.00
For Christmas my lovely Dad surprised me with a little Lulu Guiness make up bag and ever since I've been smitten with this brand. My Mum is lucky enough to had a red lips clutch and I covet it whenever she gets it out. I fell in love with this one in particular, I'm not usually a glitter girl but this - I just fell. Love at first sight I believe they call it! It's just so PRETTY! This will be my first Lulu Guinness clutch. Hands down! Yum yum.
Shop Lulu Guinness at Harrods

2. Chloe Elsie Large Crossbody Bag in Dusky Pink £970.00
This is just so scrummy. If it was edible I'd eat it. I love slouchy bags, they are just comfier and I find they are more attractive. Now I usually go for the usual colours of brown, beige or black. Saying that however I don't think I have any black bags. Anywho, this also comes in a light brown but I am of the opinion if you're going to spend this much on a bag you go all out, you don't go for boring. You go for pure love. Which this bag is. Pure pure love.#
Shop Chloe at Harrods

3. Chloe Mandy Daisy Necklace £109.00
This is probably my favourite piece in this wishlist. I'm not usually one for gold jewellery, I'm more of a silver/white gold lover, but this I couldn't help but become utter besotted with. The daisy on the end has peach crystal detailing, very this season, and is just adorable. It's a longer chain as well which I like as I tend to wear my Tiffany butterfly necklace religiously. Gush gush gush I know but I challenge you to not love this piece. May have to pop this on my birthday list in November and hope it's still available then! If someone wants to buy it for me please... feel free!
Shop Chloe at Harrods

4. Alexander McQueen Floral Print Scarf £355.00
Now who doesn't love an Alexander McQueen scarf? Again my lucky Mum has a couple of these scarfs, both of which are the traditional skull design (hello number 5 on wishlist). This really appealed to me though as it's different from the usual McQueen style and I love the colours and the design. It's very me I have to say. If only I had £355.00 to spare...
Shop Alexander McQueen at Harrods

5. Alexander McQueen Skull Pashmina £245.00
Now here is your traditional McQueen scarf. I like the colours of this, it's natural and will go with most outfits which is what you want when you pay this price for a scarf. I'm not usually a skull person, but I would make an exception for this beauty.
Shop Alexander McQueen at Harrods

It seems that most of these items are away from my usual taste, but I think that's because I'm branching out a bit more with regards to my tastes. Plus it may also be because there are no great high street versions of the above or I probably would have bout them... Especially the necklace!

What Harrod's brands do you love and want?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.



  1. never been to harrods, love the colopur and design of the bag though :D xo


  2. Your blog gets better every time I visit it :] I love skull prints and skull anything, I'm absolutely obsessed, so love the Mcqueen scarf. Have you ever been to the cupcake shop in Harrods? I think I love that even more than the clothes ;] !

    Kirstie x

  3. I LOVE the Chloe bag, Chloe bags are alwasy chic xXx


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