20 July 2012

Follow Friday

So, as a testament to those on the shortlist for the Cosmopolitan I'm doing a special Follow Friday for those I'm voting for! I'm loving so many of the blogs this year and I love that some of my favourites are in nearly every category! Check out my favourites below, visit them and enjoy!

This category was so easy for me. I have a total girl crush on Amy from The Little Magpie. She has such a unique sense of style, she is really brave with a lot of her outfits and has a definite addiction to floral crowns!
Check out her blog here and I would urge you to vote for her as she's fab!

This was a toughie for me as I love What Olivia Did as well, but at the end of the day I went for Temporary Secretary as there isn't one outfit she's shown that I wouldn't wear. I've seen so many dresses shes worn that I've almost bought myself but lack of money has stopped me! Check her blog out here

 Jemima and Ted
This is such a tough category as I love Llymrls, but Kat from jemima and ted got me into blogging, she's the first blog I read most days and I honest think its a fab blog. She's become such a good friend as well, her posts are always honest and so nice to see a bit of an underdog in the running. Please check her blog out here and go and vote - go go go!

 belles boutique
Again another tough category, but Belles Boutique was one of my first regular reads and its a blog I really aspire to be like. I love Laura's What I Wore posts of her make up (I want her make up collection!) and I love that her blog is attainable, its drug store mixed with high end which I love. If you haven't already seen it go check it out here, I promise you won't regret it!

 love mealie
Such a cute lifestyle blog! I love amelia's quirky little posts and her quirky photos as shown above! Her recipes as well look super scrummy. Just a really nice easy read and it always manages to brighten up my day when I pop over for a visit! Check it out here :)

The Londoner
I love this blog for a variety of reasons including her hair, figure, life in general - I want it all! What I do love about it is Rose's recipes - if you haven't checked it out please do, just for her Slutty Brownie recipe alone that I have still to attempt - so many yummy suggestions! Go have a peek and I promise you'll be addicted to Rose's life, click here !

Probably a top 5 blog for me. I LOVE her blog an videos, I'm often trying to sneakily watch her videos at work in silence...! I want every product she reviews, it's bad for my purse and I blame her for all the beauty products on my wish list! Go check her blog out here and her youtube channel here, I would definitely recommend it, you'll never look back!

I want to say a big CONGRATS to ALL blogs on the Cosmo shortlist, such an achievement you should all be really happy! Am very jealous, but so happy for you all!
You can vote here for your favourite blogs and definitely check out the above beauties!

Who are you voting for? Do you love any of the ones above?



  1. Aw no way, this is the nicest thing ever! Thank you :-) xx

  2. haha love the fact you've chosen the moustache photo! =] this is so lovely, as Amy says the nicest thing EVER! xxx

  3. i really need to vote, thank you for reminding me! definately some of these i will be voting for! xo



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