30 July 2012

Life Through a Lens #2

bargain buy  |  arthur's paddling pool  |  coolest flip flops ever  |  cute
soggy puppy  |  pressie in the post  |  red lips  |  thank you!
Pickles  |  pressie from Florida  |  Cardiff haul  |  too much of this consumed this weekend
my 'niece' willow  |  new jeans  |  impulse buy  |  GB nails

I am exhausted. I need a weekend where I actually have my lie ins but not going to happen anytime soon! I had a bit of a crappy week last week if I'm honest. Little things helped to cheer me up like my soggy puppy and splashing him in the paddling pool, and lovely gifts from Montagne Jeunesse, reaching 10,000 views on here and also receiving Pickles, my new work mascot - definitely needed at work!

Also, me and the boy finally booked to go to Dublin for four days in September - can't wait! It's going to be so nice just to go away with him and relax. We also booked to go to the Harry Potter Tour in the same week. As you know I have already been, but he is a bigger fan then me and was very jealous when I went so I promised I'd take him!

The weekend was so good though. On Friday we went to me friends pub to send the boys brother off as he's moving to Madrid for a year (totally jealous). Drank far too much but was a fantastic evening! Then early Saturday morning the boy and I travelled up to Cardiff to visit my brother and Hanah for a belated birthday weekend. We did shopping (opps) and lots of drinking! Again... I got to see my gorgeous niece Willow though, isn't she perdy!

This weekend won't give me much time to rest I have to say as I'm off to London to see the swimming finals of the Olympics - could not be MORE excited! Hello half naked hunks!

I hope last week was better for you then it was me! Here is to what will hopefully be a much better week...


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