24 July 2012

Life Through a Lens #1

I love these types of posts. I know a few people have slated them but I love to see what bloggers get up to, maybe cause I'm nosey who knows! 
I had been waiting for my phone upgrade so I could get instragram to do this as I have a Blackberry (boo!), but I got impatient so I thought I'd show you some pics for the last couple of weeks of my life!

scones with friends  |  lola rose pressie  |  wedding dress  |  new viewing with boy
race for life  |  house moto  |  arthur cuddling my bear  |  wedding reception
my chair!  |  with brothers  |  false!  |  dress for date
superdrug bargains  |  back on the road  |  new lips  |  walking in the sun

These have been from the past couple of weeks. They have been a bit hectic and trust me, life isn't slowing down! In the past couple of weeks I've been working full time (boo) but have also had my cousins beautiful wedding and I also took part in the Race for Life on Sunday - my legs are STILL aching! So glad to finally see the sun, really nice to walk to work in it I have to say and I hope it stays for the weekend!

This week I have a lot going on so will be loads of photos, me and the boy have just booked the Harry Potter tour for our week off in September, and we'll be booking Dublin this week too. We're also off to Cardiff this weekend to see my brother and Hanah, and on Friday we have the boy's brothers leaving party as he is off to Madrid for a year (jealous much!?). So I'm sure you'll get to see all that!

How is life with you? Do you like these kinda posts?


  1. Well done on doing the race for life :) really want to try the revlon lip tint! xo


  2. i love these type of posts, its like a snapshot! I think ill do them monthly
    cute dress :)

  3. I love posts like these - great way to look into someone's life. The dress you wore for the wedding is lovely!

  4. I love these types of posts as well, maybe I am nosey too;)
    xx Kate



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