5 July 2012

Easy Dress

dress new look
blazer h&m
belt h&m
necklace lola rose
bracelet lola rose
boots h&m

So this is what I wore out for dinner with the girls in Covent Garden when I went up to London for a little trip. I was unsure of what the weather was going to be like so I thought a nice lace dress with tights and a blazer, can't go wrong with that! I would have loved to have worn heels but the idea of walking around London in heels for a while put me off... so my new lovely H&M boots which I nabbed in the sale were my go to!
I've reviewed this dress before here. It was one of those see once, leave but can't get it out of your mind dresses. Teamed with tights and the blazer I think it all goes together really well. I popped it with coral jewellery to add contrast with the blue blazer. Easy outfit and yet it still looks stylish
Both the blazer and the boots are in the H&M sale atm, definitely recommend checking it out!

Hope you like! Mini outfit post for me here, but I will pop up a most substantial one soon I promise - life's been a bit of a busy nightmare at the moment! But I definitely owe you guys a couple of proper outfit posts!

What would be your Covent Garden outfit?



  1. such a lovely outfit, the dress is gorgeous! xo


  2. oh what a cute dress! I love your blazer as well, have been looking for one in exactly that color for ages:)
    xx Kate


    1. thaaaaanks :) i did tweet you the link tot he blazer but think it's all sold out now which sucks :( x

  3. This dress is so lovely and you look really nice :)

    Tanesha x

  4. You look super lovely! Can't go wrong with a beautiful lace dress and a classic blazer! You look fab - I will look forward to more outfit posts xxxxx

    1. thanks!! no def can't go wrong with this combo :) thankfully wardrobe is full of outfits like this! xx


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