26 July 2012

Wedding Butterflies

dress: dorothy perkins  |  cardigan: french connection  |  shoes: new look  |  bracelets: lola rose, links of london, pia  |    necklace: lola rose

One of my cousins recently got married, the first of all of I might add! It was a really really lovely day. They church was so pretty, and although I personally won't be getting married in a church (nothing wrong with it, just not for me), it was a gorgeous church and a lovely ceremony. The reception was help in a marquee with draped ceilings and chandeliers, which I loved. I don't get to see my cousins a lot so it was really nice to see them, catch up and spend the day with family!

This was my wedding outfit. I first heard about this dress from my friend Amber who said "Oh my god, I saw this gorgeous maxi dress in a magazine and it has your name on it, it's blue with butterflies!", so I went on a hunt because let's face it - blue and butterflies is o so me. I found it on the Dorothy Perkins site and fell in love, instantly, and my lovely Mummy bought it for me for the wedding.

Now, as you can see it isn't blue. I got home and my Mum went "your dress is upstairs" so I raced upstairs and my first reaction was WHAT IT'S GREEN! I don't have a lot of green. However, after trying it on I realised how perfect it was. The colour compliments me so well and the silhouette is so flattering. And let's not forget the butterflies. I would like to say that on the website it does look blue - honestly! I went and double checked, but the description on the website does say Mint Green. Note to self: read the descriptions!
On hindsight I'm so glad it was green. It's so completely un-Lisa it's perfect. I wasn't sure about the black edging at first, but now I think it just adds to its beauty. It adds a bit of an edge to it so it's not just floaty pretty.

I'm so glad I wore this to the wedding. I was planning on my waterfall dress seen here, however about 80% of the female guests were in waterfall dresses - so quite glad I decided not to! It was perfect as it wasn't the warmed/sunniest of days so a maxi kept me warm, and yet didn't overheat me on the dance floor!

What do you think of the colour? Would you wear this to a wedding?


  1. this is so gorgeous, i never read the description on things and when i get it its a completely different colour, this is lovely though! hope you had a lovely time :D xo


  2. super-cute!:) and I love how the shoes match to the dress.
    xx Kate



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