3 July 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack

I was kindly sent over this travel pack from Montagne Jeunesse and was very excited to try the products. I've seen this brand plastered all over blogs recently and getting good reviews so I really wanted to love all of these products.
This pack comes with six satchels including:
x1 Foot Cooler
x1 Passion Peel Off Mask
x1 Skin Smoother
x1 Intensive Hair Mask
x2 Body Washes

As you all probably know (because I say it quite a lot) I'm not going on a summer holiday this year... However, why not try it out for future holidays as I WILL be going on a summer holiday next year. 

Foot Cooler
I walk to and from work everyday, so by the time I get home my feet are in needs of some TLC. It's to be used after a hot day out and about in a hot sunny country (sob!) but I don't have that. So I used it in this context. It smells of blueberries (scrummy) and my feet really do love this product. It helped to calm them and reduce the ache. Love love love.

Passion Peel Off
I remember using peel off face masks in my school sleepover days and I hated them. So I was a little wary about using this. First of all the smell was incredible, I was very tempted to just eat it. It went on quite easily which was nice and coverage was good. There was just about enough to cover my face. It dried quite quickly, but I left it for around 10 minutes before peeling off. I did feel like I couldn't move my face for the entire time but hey, didn't bother me that much! It peeled off really easily. Once you had one part the rest came off easily. It left my skin feeling refreshed and clean and calmed my redness. All in all, happy with the mask!

Skin Smoother
I'm really not a fan of exfoliators (sorry!) so all in all this just didn't appeal to me. I put it on and it just seemed scratchy. This could just be my aversion to exfoliators though and not the product itself. I have to give it its due though, it smells gorgeous. Again, this is probably just me!

Intensive Hair Mask
Again, smelt gorgeous in the shower. It has a lime scent and I'm a big fan of citrus smells so this was right up my street. My hair is quite thick, so I have to admit there wasn't enough product in the sample for my hair to condition it as well as I'm used to, but from what was conditioned it smelt good and felt soft and bouncy. I only wish there was more of it to use!

Body Washes
This has an orange smells, again big thumbs up from me, hello more citrus! It went on really well, lathered like you'd want and cleansed perfectly. I was left smelling of oranges for the day so all in all, happy Lisa.

All of Montagne Jeunesse products are suitable for vegetarians and they always look to use natural products, which I like to look for with beauty products and I know a lot of other people do as well.
I would recommend this set if you're travelling somewhere, it's only £5 and is available on their website here. There is only enough in each packed for one use so it would be used on a short trip, but I do love the products supplied here.

Have you tried Montage Jeunesse products? What products do you recommend when travelling?


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  1. seen this on alot of blogs, seems very handy for travel but im not going on a holiday this year either! xo



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