3 September 2013

Trends | Battle of BB

This summer I have literally lived in BB creams. Compared to a foundation they are just that tad lighter, so it doesn't feel like your face is melting. I am a huge fan of BB creams and have tried a vast number of them (a scary amount really)... So today I wanted to show you guys the five I've currently got sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used...

One of my newer ones, this is part of Revlons Photoready range, a range that is meant to make your face look perfect and snap ready (as the name suggests). This cream is quite thick and looks scary pale when it comes out, but it blends it really nicely to go with your face colour and is very natural and matte looking. 
Longevity wise, it isn't brilliant I have to say - I wore it a few times to work and had to stop as by the time I got home there was nothing left, but in small doses this is beautiful.

The newest of the five, I bought this just before I went on my holibobs to wear in the hot weather. Again, it's a thicker cream as opposed to a liquid foundation and actually is a bit hotter than my liquid foundations so didn't really do the job i wanted of not melting my face. However, it did keep the sun off my face and I came away with no burn for the whole holiday. This is very natural looking when on, but very dewy which I find unusual for an oily skinned product - but still nice looking. Longevity wise it's great, and seemingly waterproof in the pool. However - this broke me out now end, I came home with spots in places I never had them before so this has unfortunately stayed in the cupboard ever since landing.

I was kindly gifted this and when I first started using it I fell in love. It has a lovely soft creamy texture that just melts into the skin, no weight at all and so comfortable to wear. It was the perfect colour choice as well, stayed for hourrss and kept the sun off of my face. All in all the perfect BB cream! However, in the end it didn't sit well with my oily skin and eventually I did have to stop using it as it excelled spots - lovely I know! If you don't have oily skin you have to get this though as it is lovely. I still wear it every now and then, but I can't wear it continually *sad face*

I found this on a blog sale and snapped it up immediately as I'd heard amazing things and was definitely intrigued, but didn't want to settle with the price tag of the full size. Well, I should have done and I will because this is solid gold. It's lighter than a liquid foundation, even though it's a cream, blends to your skin tone naturally and applies like a dream. Longevity is impressive and no sun rays through this little barrier. My skin also feels ridiculously soft when this is on. This is definitely my favourite by far and I would recommend all of you pop out to buy it.

Last but not least in the offering from The Body Shop. I got this as I was intrigued, it comes out like a white cream, but has pigments that burst when you rub into the skin, adapting itself to your tone. It's a little dark for me, and I've heard a lot of others as well, and I have the lightest version. It's a lovely base, very moisturising and long lasting, but like I said - tone is all wrong for me really and my real bug bear is that it doesn't contain SPF - how is it a BB cream without SPF?!
Overall, Dr Jart wins it for me - I have to be so careful with bases so they don't aggitate my oily skin and this just does wonders for me. Definitely be buying the full size when my mini one runs out!
What's your favourite BB cream?


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