11 September 2013

WIshlist | Pandora Autumn Collection

I love my Pandora bracelet. I have a brown leather one and I love every single one of my charms. Recently they've launched their new Autumn collection and it's a goody! So, I thought with birthday and christmas coming up and the inevitable piles of little white boxes I will be receiving, I should put my two cents in writing and give you guys my top 5.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this ring, and how unique it is. Usually I go for the typically girly things, so a feather is a bit different for me. I really love the design. I think it would just be a really nice little quirky silver ring and would make a lovely little special gift.

I love the murano charms as a rule anyway, I just love how delicate they look and the patterns you can get inside them. My bracelet seems to have a blue theme so this little buddy would fit right in with all its other blue bead friends.

Very autumnal, we have leaves. Again I love the openwork charms, they are classic and great if you're looking for more a budget present for someone as they are one of the cheapest charms, yet one of the prettiest. I love the detail on this leaves version.

I just LOVE these. They are the prettiest earrings I have ever seen in my life, I just want to snatch them up and run away with them. I love the size, i love the detail, i love the colouring. Just everything about them really and if I had a spare £200 I would treat myself!

I really like the plain version of this, however the little inscription just seems to make this even cutest and that little bit more special. I love jewellery that means something to me, and I have a feeling if I ever received this it would mean a hell of a lot. Just a cutie.

If you want to browse the Autumn Collection yourself just click here. It is a really gorgeous collection and in my opinion one of the best yet. I love it - hello birthday/christmas list!!

Which is your favourite from the collection?


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