22 September 2013

Life | Nothing to Wear

I'm having a bit of a mare with my clothes at the moment. I just stare at my wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear, knowing I do I'm just not in the mood for any of it. I'm having a a bit of a crisis. I have a lot of stuff in my wardrobe that I do like, I'm just so meh about it at the moment.
I'm beginning to think it could be cause I'm feeling a bit like that about life at the moment as well. There have been a few things happening lately where I just kinda sign and think is anything actually going to go right. It's one of those times...
So I need a bit of a shake up! Where I've been blogging more about beauty then fashion lately I think that's where all my money is going... So the past couple of pay days I've been trying to focus on sorting my wardrobe out. I've bought so gorgeous pieces (mainly dresses) that I'm totally in love with and feel they have already added a little something to my everyday routine.

Basically, I wanted to write this post because I need your help guys - what do I need to do to sort my wardrobe out at the moment! I need your expertise...! What staples should I be investing in to get me out of my rut?

What styles do you think I should try?



  1. Do you have any blazers? I think blazers are something nice to wear in the Autumn time. I would style it with a simple t-shirt, skinny jeans and some ankle boots. Have a scarf as an accessory and to also keep you warm.

  2. Oh gosh, I spend my life thinking I have nothing to wear. It's so ridiculous. I have a ROOM for my clothes and they don't even all fit in there.


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