15 September 2013

Outfit | A Walk in the Park

top: topshop | jeans: topshop | necklace: lola rose

So this is what I wore for a walk in the park, well a forest actually it just didn't sound as good for the title. On Bank Holiday monday (I know, aaages ago now) I went for a walk with Adam and the 'rents down in a forest with the pooch, hence the plimsoles which I never, ever wear so I've ignored that they exist in these photos.

I wanted to show this top though. I have it in a couple of colours and if I'm feeling lazy and not sure what to wear or just need something to add a little something extra I just pop on one of these. With the cute little peter pan collar and lace design they add a really subtle, everyday edge to any outfit and are just really simple and easy to wear.

Today I am moving in with the boy... for two weeks. His parents are away so I'm moving a little bit into the country and away from civilisation to house/cat sit with him. I'm very excited, but also a little sad as we still haven't moved in together yet and it's nearly 6 years down the line. We decided very early on not to rent, but to get a mortgage so it's taking a little time... but we are almost there - so close! So fingers crossed for us!

How's your sunday going?


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