26 September 2013

Trends | Micellar Waters

Micellar waters seem to be everywhere at the moment, wherever you go you hear about them. Any skin care posts they seem to pop up. So are they worth the hype and what do they actually do? Now, I am not going to pretend to be an expert but I'll do what I can...

When I first heard of Bioderma it was described to me as a "chemical cleanser", so instead of wiping the make up off and around your face the water breaks the make up down as much as possible to take it off. Sounds a bit scary doesn't it. Basically it's a water based cleanser, so less nasty things inside and less harsh on your skin. Of course it depends on the product as to how effective they are for you and how harsh they are on the skin. 

The idea behind these is that they are a cleanser, however I wouldn't use them as your only cleanser. I would pop these in as part of your double cleanse routine. Micellar water, then cleanser. Removes most of the make up so you can let your cleanser do more of the deep clean it needs to. Then again in the morning for a quick cleanse to remove any over night dirt.

For me, this is definitely worth the hype. I couldn't live without mine. Most make up removers for me just tend to be oil based - so just don't agree with my oily skin, but these just seem to strip the oil with the make up and do a fab job. If you're like me and have oily skin then I would definitely recommend the above micellars. If you're wondering if Bioderma is worth the hype... Yes, it really is. It is still my favourite that I've tried and definitely the best at removing make up. But if you can't get hold of it, the other two are great as well.

If you have more sensitive skin I would steer clear from B.Pure as I've found this to be slightly harsher than the other two. The L'Oreal version is perfect for more sensitive skin as it is really gentle and easy to use. It's a lot more viscous than the other two as well (basically more watery).

As I said, I'm not an expert and I don't want to pretend to be (so if you hear professor voice in there just virtually poke me), but personally I love micellar waters. They do exactly what I need them to do and have filled a hole in my skincare routine that really needed filling. I definitely have my eye on a couple of others so I will keep you posted...

Do you think micellar waters are worth the hype?



  1. I've tried the B Pure one and I wasn't that fussed really. As long as I find a way of taking my make up off before cleansing, I'm happy!
    These Days are Fast

  2. I have yet to try any, as I thought Bioderma sounded a bit pricy for expensive water. I have tried the no 7 'cleansing water' but I don't know if that's the same thing.

    I've got my eye on the L'Oreal one now though, I keep hearing about it everywhere so might have to make a sneaky dinner break trip to boots to look for it.


  3. I love these waters too! I think the L'oreal one and Bioderma are definitely my favourites :) Def worth the hype

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  4. I like the L'Oreal one too - I think its great for sensitive skin & my bottle is lasting me ages. I am still to try Bioderma, but i want to


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