16 September 2013

Trend | Red Lips

I'm not going to lie. Red lips have never been "my thing". It's never the first colour I usually reach for and it's definitely not the first shade I'm drawn to when swatching in a shop. However, I do have some that I absolutely love and when they do come out (rare) they are very appreciated. I've picked the top five from my collection to go through...

Me and lip crayons are soul mates, and when I saw this red one I desperately wanted to give it a whirl. It's a lovely matt-esqe stain that's not too dark, but also not to pale that it fades into non existence. A nice red for those who aren't 100% confident to try a big bold colour.

A darker red, with a more satin finish to it. Not quite matte but not quite glossy. It's a classic 50's red as I see it and it's gorgeous. Lasts a good couple of hours, and is defintiely for those a touch more confident with their reds. Ironically I bought this for a 50s themed evening!

Not quite as pinkish as it looks here, it is actually a gorgeous pink toned red. For me this is the perfect red as it's warm, more like a stain than a gloss and incredibly wearable. I fell in love with this and would recommend for those who are trying to transition from pinks to reds, or have a warm complexion.

This shade is notorious amongst bloggers and I can understand why. It's a dark cherry red that is dramatic and utterly gorgeous. It's more blue/purple toned than others and I would only recommend this is you're a seasoned red professional - otherwise you might find it a bit of a shock!

I love this colour. It's a tad lighter than 107, so more wearable, really incredibly long lasting and just gorgeous on the lips. It's a true cherry red, as you'd expect by the name, looks gorgeous with a gloss over the top or left matte. Just make sure you prep your lips first with this one!

Overall I do really like a red lip, it's classic and glamorous, but it can be scary. My advice would be to dip a toe... don't jump in the deep end! And always always prep your lips before a red lip as every crack will show through.

What's your favourite red lip?



  1. Kate Moss 01 is one of my favourites too!
    Reds are always my go to shade though, I have really pale skin so they seem to pop a little better than pink & nude shades

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

    1. Definitely agree with you, I am falling more and more in love with them lately. A classic colour!
      L x


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