12 September 2013

Make Up | No7 High Shine Lip Gloss

I got this as part of one of No7's "Free Gift" offers, it's a mini version on one of their High Shine lip glosses in pale pink colour, Coral Kiss. Personally, I wouldn't say it's a coral at all but each to their own.
I am not a lip gloss person - just gonna point that out now, I don't like the feeling of them and for me they just feel continually heavy and I feel like I'm back in my teenager years when wearing them. But, I thought I would just give it a go!

So things I like about this, I like that it's a doe foot applicator, I hate the squidgy applicators - they are just messy, you can't control them and just aggravate me (rant over). Whereas these are really easy to use, apply and control. The colour is really cute, it is a PINK (not Coral) but it does have a little bit of subtle gold shimmer running through it. It's very subtle on the lips so good for an everyday shade. It's not too stick either - yay!

So what don't I like about it... Well, it's a lip gloss. I'm sorry! For someone who loves lip products I'm so weirdly against lip glosses, I just shrink away from them. This is still heavy and feels it on the lips - so when wearing it on holiday I did feel like my lips were sweating (is that even possible?!) but that is my only con.

I think if you like lip gloss than you will like this, however if you are like me and tend to avoid, then I woudn't recommend it. Like I said, it's probably mainly because I am not a lip gloss type of gal - but hey, gotta avoid something right?

What type of products do you avoid?



  1. I have this lip gloss as well and I was a bit disappointed. It doesn't have a great staying power, my friend and I both wore it at work and at a party and it didn't last long at all. Such a shame because I have had free No7 lipglosses before and they have been fab!

    These Days are Fast

    1. Yeah No7 stuff is usually really good, I think I just have a thing about lip glosses, I really want to like them haha!
      Lisa x

  2. I don’t normally wear lip glosses either for the same reason. I’ve tried longer staying power lip glosses though and actually recommend L'Oreal glam shine 6 hour as it’s a lot more lightweight on the lips and lasts. Great post xx

    Helen @

    1. O i have heard great things about it, I will give it a go thanks :)
      L x


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