13 September 2013

Make Up | Revlon BB Cream

I actually bought this months ago. I went looking through all my photos to see what I've missed and found it in my June folder... Opps! I can't believe I haven't reviewed this sooner, bad blogger. You may have seen this BB cream in my recent BB creams post (here) but I wanted to give it a bit of a more in depth look as I do really like this product.

Most BB creams I try have a dewy affect, which usually I'm not a huge fan of due to my oily skin, but this one has a gorgeous matte like finish that I love. It is one of the thicker BB creams that I have tried, and when it comes out the colour does look scarily pale - like it would turn you into a vampire (hello Edward Cullen) however once blended in it actually creates a really natural look.

For me the only thing missing from this is longevity. This doesn't last for very long if I'm honest, for short use this is great, but for all day use it's not what you want to go for unfortunately. Otherwise, if you just need something for the evening or just a lazy Sunday then this is perfect for you.

Have you tried this BB cream? Are you fed up of BB creams now?


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