18 September 2013

Skin Care | Piz Buin After Sun

Okay, so we are surrounded by rain at the moment so this seems a little off kilter, however I've been wanting to review this for a little while as it was a real summer saviour for me.
My mum uses Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and knows how much I'd love to steal it, but that I also can't afford it, so she gave me this to try and it is a brilliant dupe. The idea is that basically you use this as an after sun and it helps turn your burn, or any sun affects into a natural gorgeous tan. There is no colouring, or fake tan within it so your colour is all natural - it just gives it a bit of a help along.

I used this all summer and it's helped to prolong the brown and turned any turn into a tan quicker than anything else I've used before. I would definitely recommend this as a great Bronze Goddess dupe. 

At just over a tenner it's still not the cheapest of After Sun options - but I didn't buy it so I can't complain. If you are on a budget then maybe look for another tan intensifier - Garnier seem to have some great ones. But if you can afford it, I'd definitely go with Piz Buin.

What's your favourite After Sun?


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