21 June 2015

Sunday Spotlight | Glossy Boutique

This week's #SundaySpotlight is on a blog I literally discovered on Monday and fell head over heels for. She commented on one of my posts and I've been making an effort to comment back to anyone who does, so when I opened up her blog I was like ooooo me likey!

So here we go, let me introduce Glossy Boutique, a beautiful beauty, fashion and life blog run by the beautiful and newly married Emma (congrats!). It's UK based blog which has predominately beauty reviews and features with a splattering of fashion and life posts. I love her beauty posts and I love her writing, it's so easy to read and I just understand exactly what she's trying to say... Which sounds weird but sometimes you read reviews and you're not entirely sure what someone is getting at. 

I also really like her photos. They're so bright and light and the products are always really well positioned. This is always a struggle for me so I really admire people who can do it amazingly well. I just like the entire blog design - it's very bright and it just makes me happy to look at it to be honest. I do like this more for beauty posts, and I find it's a good mix of affordable and higher end products - it's not too swayed on either side which is quite nice.

If you haven't checked out the Glossy Boutique before, go and have a look around. All details are below including blog links and social media links as well - ready, set, follow!


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  1. OH MY! You've literally just made my day what an absolute sweetheart. I was just looking through Bloglovin and spotted this! Thank you so so much this means a lot xxxxxx


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