2 June 2015

The Food Post | Surprise Flapjacks

Part of me feels like I should learn how to make healthy cakes and treats, however when I look at these I just can't bring myself to feel guilty. I do love a good flapjack, however I tend to find some can be a bit dry. So I made myself some gooey versions with a little surprise...
I don't have a tray bake, so these were made in a 12 cake tin - which as you probably realise by now I use for everything. I actually really like how these came out like little domes through so think I'll probably do these like this again. I've added a little surprise to them as well.... Just to be a little bit different...

250g Porridge Oats

125g Butter
125g Brown Sugar
3 tbsps Golden Syrup
1 Chocolate Bar
(this makes 12)

1. Preheat the over to 180 degrees
2. Mix together the oats, butter, sugar and golden syrup until combined. Make sure the oats maintain their texture. 
3. Lightly grease the tray with butter, the spoon the mixture into the moulds
4. Take one square of chocolate and place on the top of each one, then using the spoon press the mixture into the mould so it's all rightly in.
5. Make sure the chocolate is covered by the flapjack mixture
6. Place in the over for around 15 minutes - or until golden brown and bubbling.

Voila! The chocolate adds as a little suprise, however next time I really want to try rolos, or something like that to see how it comes out. Try something else and let me know how it turns out as well. These are so quick and easy to make, may become a regular in our little house...

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  1. These look amazing. Love the idea of chocolate in the middle! Healthy is good but for treats I love cake!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls


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