13 June 2015

The Style Post | Lucy Watson for Shelikes

I think Miss Watson is either someone you love or hate. Personally I love her. One thing you can't dispute though is her style - it's just perfection and honestly if I could have her wardrobe/figure I would die a happy happy girl. So when I saw she was doing a collection for Shelikes I was straight online, choosing my favourite pieces for my wishlist.

Her collection is definitely summer based (well you know it is SUPPOSED to be here) and there are so many holiday pieces I'd love and it's all very reasonable. However, I've tried to pick just my top 4 bits so when I have any disposable cash I know straight where to go...

I love maxi dresses, I love stripes, and I love monochrome. So really - it was a bit like this dress was made for me. I love the difference in this with the split front skirt and I just think it would be flattering on so many shapes with the nipped in waist. Get this in my wardrobe right now!

Be still my beating heart. I tend to go more for shorts than skirts in summer and I realised lately I only have black ones... Nice. So when I saw these a fell a little bit (a LOT) in love. I love the crochet/lace detail, the edges. Just everything. Perfection. 

I'm not going to lie, this is probably my favourite thing from the whole collection. If I could only buy one piece it would be this. I love the split, I love that it's a maxi, I love that you can dress it up or down and I love the print. I need this in my life immediately.

I'm not usually a long sleeved playsuit kind of a gal, but there are a couple in the collection I really like. I love the print and the colours in this, the orange is the standout for me and I think it's perfect for a summer holiday - or in the winter pop with tights to keep warm.

I can't wait to see what other collections she does coming into autumn and winter as well. I think some of her pieces are definitely transitional and also classic as well, many you can keep for years and they'll work with any trends. My only gripe? That size 12 is counted as large... hmm....


  1. I love Lucy too! Those white shorts are so pretty xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. I know right! Definitely need to pick some of these up for my holibobs!

  2. I have been loving Lucy Watson for SHELIKES :) Shame they class 12 as a large though... Gisforgingers xx

    1. Yeah that did annoy me slightly haha. I was sat here like "I'm not large :|" But i do love the collection!!


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