16 June 2015

The How To | 3 Concealers... 3 Jobs...

First up, yes, I know, they are disgusting. but this is what concealers look like then they're used every damn day. They get messy. Moving on... If you saw yesterdays video you would have seen me use 3, yes 3, concealers. This is a daily thing for me as I find the best concealers for each "concealer job" are all seperate products...

Yes, you can get concealers that claim to do all jobs and these "3 in 1" boasters, however I've never found a concealer that can do everything I want a concealer to do, which is:

1. Hide under eye darkness and circles
2. Cover blemishes
3. Neutralise redness
4. Highlight

Okay, so the title should PROBABLY be 3 concealers, 4 jobs - but would that have been so catchy? Anywho... So why do I use 3 concealers? Not one concealer can do all 4 - it's just not possible. A highlighting concealer will just highlight blemishes, and a blemish concealer will just crease under eyes. So... hence the three... But what are they? Also, just a side note... all under £6....(score!)

Under Eye Darkness & Circles
This job is a daily struggle for me - I tend to get up at 5am if I need to go into the office so hiding undereye circles is a must. For me the best concealer I've found that does this is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (in Ivory fyi). This is a very light coloured concealer and really does brighten the under eye, neatralising any dark circles and making you look bright eyed and bushy tailed. Not only that but it doesn't crease under the eye which is a big issue for most undereye concealers and me...

Covering Blemishes
As far as I'm concerned there is only one concealer that has EVER done this effectively and passed the "london commuter" staying time test, and that is the much hyped Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's a very thick concealer that really covers any spots, marks, blemishes etc and stays true all day. No touch ups needed here. Although it's thick it doesn't look or feel heavy and it doesn't melt in the heat either - so it's perfect for all year round cover up.

Neutralise Redness & Highlight
If I'm honest, I don't use concealers much to highlight - I do however like to paint a striple down the centre of my nose - you know, for funs. My nose is everything in this case - redness around it, and needing highlighting down the middle. This is where the Maybelline Dream Lumi-Touch Highlighting Concealer comes in. When I have a cold this is the ONLY thing to cover my red nose and keep it covered all day. It's also a subtle highlight so it's perfect for the little touches you want to do - like thy nose.

For me, this is the perfect concealer routine right now - especially on days where I want to wear less make up. It helps to give me a flawless base and it's actually very easy and quick to do - despite the fact that it's 3 products full. If you missed yesterdays video click here to see how I use them in action.



  1. I'm on the lookout for a new undereye concealer so I'll definitely try the Rimmel one out!

    1. I would definitely recommend it :) I've been using it for years and just keep going back to it!

      L x

  2. Rimmel wake me up is next on my list of concealers xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. I just love the whole wake me up range really haha! But yeah, it's definitely a gooden!
      L x

  3. LOVE the collection concealer! My fave at the moment is the Nars creamy concealer, its fab!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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