26 April 2012

Wake Me Up

Normally I don't go for foundation as I find it too, stodgy, I think might be the right word. However, I was intrigued by Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation and I'd heard great things about it through other blogs..
So I succumbed and I tried... 

The foundation is meant to give a radiant glow and give an 'anti-fatigue' effect - not entierly sure if this means it's meant to wake you up or just make you look vibrant but either way, I still love it.

It's so easy to apply and goes on really easily and gives great coverage. It makes my skin feel really soft and it doesn't feel heavy like a foundation which is refreshing.
One thing I also love is the smell - I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like, however it's incredibly fresh and I really like it.

After using this for a week or so, it hasn't made me break out like other foundations which is a really nice surprise. This makes a happy happy lisa indeed :)

My one teeny complaint would be the bottle - it looks lovely and really attractive, however my worry is that there isn't that much in there, and unlike a squeezy tube or something like that, you're not gonna be able to get the last dregs out...
However, I'm happy to be proved wrong!
What's your fave new foundation?



  1. ive awarded you a blog award
    check out www.throughchelseaseyes.com xxxx

  2. I love this foundation too and as a MUA I am very hard to please lol! Not only is it light weight like you described but its nice on the pockets too hehe

    I have so much planned for my blog but if I get chance I may do a little review myself :) xxx


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