17 April 2012

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder

A lovely product from the She Said Beauty April box.

This products boasts that these beautiful shimmer powders will provide long lasting, vibrant colour without any additional filler.

I used this product when I went out on Good Friday. I used it on top of my bronzer and also along the shoulder blades.
I haven't used a shimmer in forever as I was always a bit scared it'll make me look like a young girl, I also worried it'd make me look far too glittery.
However, this one really surprised me and I really liked it. It went on really easily and it didn't look ridiculously glittery. One of the things that really impressed me about it was the reaction I got from a friend when we got home at around 2am - "O you're all shimmery! I have to use that next time!"
I was still shimmery and it lasted through lots of sweaty (ick) dancing.

I would recommend this completely, the price doesn't really bother me at all either as I would only use this on special occassions so I'd imagine it'd last for ages.

Have you ever used shimmer powder?

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  1. Ohh this looks beautiful! I love shimmer powders but like you I tend not to wear them as I feel they make me look younger. Another thing that puts me off is the fact it ends up everywhere! :) I like the idea of putting it on your shoulder blades tho xxx


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