9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! I myself am slightly heavier then usual after eating a lot of chocolate and being able to eat bread and dough!

Had a great weekend - it was one of my friends 21st on Friday and he has an inflatable obstacle course for the day and then we went out so that was a fab day! Saturday was spent in bed recovering... Then Sunday was spent at a friends playing games !
Monday was a lovely family time as the big brother was home from Cardiff so it was easter cakes with the boyf in the morning then tv and roast dinner in the evening!

Here are just some snapshots of my weekend!
If you wanna know about any of the outfits just ask :)

Some very expensive, nice, random shots me and Amber had at 90s in Southampton. We went a little gangsta after that...

Amber, me and Andra on the inflatable obstacle course slide. Very achy ever since!

Definite bunny theme from all the chocolate given to me by the parentals... Yum yum!

Me, Amber, Andra, Becca and Hannah - the girls at Matts 21st in Southampton!

The boyf and me made shredded wheat mini egg cakes!
Yum yum.
Gone down a treat in the house I must say!

What did you do this Easter weekend?


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