12 April 2012

Raining Florals

I refuse to conform to the current ever changing weather - it IS spring and I WILL dress for Spring. 
So today when I was deciding what to wear for work I came across this little beauty that I forgot I had...

Absolutely LOVE this skirt and so glad I discovered it in my wardrobe! It is very spring/summery but pop it with some tights and a jumper and it'll match our current weather...

Also match it with some ankle boots and you're set! I love these boots - fantastic little find when I was browsing through Commercial Road at University once...

Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop

I love florals and a skirt/blouse so this is the perfect 'Lisa' outfit!

What's your Mid-Season look?

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  1. Lovely skirt! Looks great on you



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