28 April 2012

Bringing Lacey Back

If you read any of my twitter posts then you've probably seen me sigh over this beauty. 
I showed a picture of it to the boyf thinking that when he saw it he'd say he didn't like so I'd think 'no I won't get it...' but alas no - he said he liked it and so I accidently bought it...

Dress New Look
Belt Levi
Bangle Accessorize
Wedges Topshop

I absolutely love this dress. It's just so pretty and girly! I am a bit of a lover of lace, so it was inevitable I'd fall in love with it.
I completely fell in love with the back, its so unique and just incredibly subtle - however it does pose an annoying bra issue!
I wouldn't recommend wearing white underwear under this either as it's very noticeable.. opps!
Have toughened it up with my Levi belt courtesy of the boyf and my tribal Topshop wedges :)

What dress can't you stop thinking about?


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    1. Love your dress! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -


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