14 April 2012

Topaz & May: Rebrand

Morning Guys!

As you may have noticed (as I have been shouting about it around twitter) I have rebranded the blog from SeenIt Beauty to Topaz & May.

My reasons for this were:
SeenIt was a name I originally used for a movie blog I was going to start up and thought about doing a series of blog including fashion and beauty, then realised I preferred doing the fashion and beauty one so did that one instead.
For me, SeenIt wasn't a great fashion/beauty blog name and it didn't really have an relevance to me...

Topaz & May has some history to it...

Topaz is my birthstone - I was born in November - and I love it, my favourite being blue topaz - hence the blue theme running through the blog.

May is my middle name - well one of, I'm actually Lisa Katharine May Hearn - I just ignore the Katharine bit.

So Topaz & May is completely relevant to me and I absolutely love it.

I love the new design as well. It needed doing as I was just using a standard blogger template and it wasn't very 'me'... But this is now completely me and I'm really happy with.

Would love to know what you think or if you think I can make any improvements!
I'm still so new at this so any feedback would be amazing!

My twitter is now @topazandmay so please keep that in mind if you'd like to mention me or tweet me.

I will be putting up a giveaway today as well to celebrate the rebrand and getting 100 twitter followers so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks guys!



  1. hi lisa i love the name and the look of your blog :D


  2. I thought about starting a film blog too but beauty won with me as well! I love cinema but I think blogging about it would take up too much time! X

  3. I didn't know your blog when it was the other name but I much prefer this one. Topaz and May is a beautiful, simple and elegant name and the colour goes really well with the name!! X


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