19 November 2013

Make Up | ELF Lipstick in Sociable

Another from my ELF haul. This lipstick is another one of my favourites. Now at £1.50 I wasn't exactly expecting an amazing quality lipstick and if I'm honest it isn't. It doesn't last too long and it's not the most comfortable of lipsticks, however it's a nice lipstick for the price you pay.

Sociable is a very blue based hot pink with a LOT of shimmer to it. The colour does disguise a lot of the shimmer though. It's a gorgeous colour, a beaautiful warm pink that warms up the complexion and is good for a quick shot of bright colour.

The packaging is cute, but cheap as you'd expect, it's very stiff twisting it up and down but for the price you really can't ask for anything more. If you're one a budget and need a hot pink for your collection this should be your number one port of call.

What ELF lipsticks do you recommend?


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