12 November 2013

Make Up | ELF Contour Kit

Probably my favourite out of everything I got from ELF is this little kit here. I have wanted to try the Nars version of this for a while but can't really justify the price, so when I saw this at the price I jumped feet first. Mine!

It's got two lovely creamy shades, one for contouring and the other for blush. Both perfect for my skin tone. The contouring one is quite dark so apply sparingly or you end up with huge patches of brown on your cheeks - not pretty trust me. Both blend together really easily and nicely creating a nice natural contour. I'm not an expert on contouring, or that bothered most of the time, but this makes it so easy and pretty.

I use the brown in the hollows of my cheeks (very little bit and blend up) and then the blush on the apples of my cheeks and blend up to the hairline.

A really nice product - one that will be on my repurchase list when I run out! A bargain product at such good quality.

What contouring kits do you like?


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