13 November 2013

Life | The Birthday Post

Today is my birthday! It's not only my birthday but my Mum's as well. The lucky lucky thing had to give birth to me on her birthday. Best birthday ever I think.... But I'm a tab biased!

Today will be spent going out for lunch with my Mum, Dad and Adam (the lovely men have today off) and then the afternoon will see relatives and friends come over to wish us happy birthday - and probably spoil us a little as well eek!

A big thanks to all those who have already wished me happy birthday, while you're reading this pop on over to see my Mum on twitter (here) and send her a birthday message as well - it was her birthday first after all!

Some people think it's a bit weird that we share a birthday, but I think it makes it extra special. It's probably the only thing me and my Mum share with anyone.... (if you try and get us to share chocolate with you.. we do bite)

So! Happy Birthday to my lovely Mum! Please be prepared for gift posts as well as pics on instagram and twitter throughout the day!



  1. Happy Birthday lovely :) xx


  2. Happy birthday, I hope you had a lovely day!


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