7 November 2013

Gateway Trends | Red Lips


If you're like me, when a trend comes a knocking you like to dip a toe as opposed to dive right in. Not entirely sure how many metaphors I used in the sentence but hey. So I've decided to do a little series showing how to "gateway" into these trends... Basically, how to ease yourself in. 

For the first go I thought I'd go for my first experience of doing a gateway trend... Red Lips! A classic, yet incredibly scary, trend. If you haven't done a red lip before it can be terrifying... So ease yourself in with my top gateway reds!

Clinique Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato
Let's go with the higher end version first. This is a beautiful toned down red. More of a tinted balm than anything it's moisturising but toned enough that you get a distinct colour. I wear this quite a lot for day time wear. It's incredibly buildable so the braver you get the more "red" you can go.

Now the drug store version. Another tinted balm classification, it's a bit more pigmented than the Clinique version and a lot sheerer as well so not quite as long lasting or buildable. I do love the colour though and it's perfect for a quick slick of red tone across the lips.

Once you're a bit braver you can get yourself a proper red, like Mac Ruby Woo or Rimmel's Kate Moss lipsticks (in either 01 or 107). All are fab options for when you get the courage to try them. Even when you do get them, a top tip for me would be if you're not 100% confident still, use a brush to apply them and the colour won't seem quite as intense.

What's your current gateway trends? Are there any trends you'd like me to feature in the gateway series?

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